Better understand, manage, track and control your compliances

Proind is helping organizations to better understand, manage, track and control their compliances and statutory risks while discovering new opportunities to create value. With our team’s expertise in legal and legislative research; we can work with you to develop pan India compliance checklist, as well as track new and existing developments in laws that matter to your business.

  • Reviewing the area of work applicable to client and creating exhaustive list of Central & State statutes in-line with client’s needs & business operations.
  • Reviewing various Central & State statues to abstract and create compliance requirement check-list applicable to client’s needs & business operations.
  • Tracking updates and changes in law that may have potential impact on clients business operations.
  • To ensure compliance of applicable compliance activities such as filing of returns, statutory forms etc. Our dedicated compliance team conducts ongoing research for updates & maintenance of compliance calendar.

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