Proind’s Litigation Management Software helps corporates to automate litigation management process related activities handled by the legal department of an organisation. It facilitates pre-event and post-event notifications, acknowledgements and reminders with actionable reporting capabilities such as detailed trail for on-going litigations, document and information sharing etc.

Proind’s Litigation Management Tool is capable of assigning, monitoring and reporting the entire life cycle of a litigation – Pre-filing, filing, Trial, Closure / Appeal, Enforcement, Reporting and Dashboard. Its main function is to include managing notices/litigations, court dates and schedules, related documents, managing and tracking legal overheads and lawyer fees, post-decision tracking of compliances, centralised repository, generating on-demand reports & MIS.

Litigation Management System provides live notifications, acknowledgements and reminders with actionable reporting capabilities such as a detailed audit trail for meaningful impact on workflow, information sharing, data accumulation and knowledge management throughout the life cycle of case from pre-filing stage to enforcement.


With preloaded templates, the pre-filing stage of the case helps the General Counsel to outline the key parameters and helps in taking decisions for further litigation plan.


Once the General Counsel has approved and assigned the attorney and internal/external stakeholder then this stage begins, this stage tracks/gives all the information about variables such as judge, venue and opposing counsel etc.


This stage is all about court and court proceedings. This stage informs you about upcoming trails and expected outcome and actual outcome, attorney’s views and what will happen next.


This stage gives all the information when the case is closed, what verdict has been pronounced and if we are satisfied or we want to go for an appeal.


When a verdict has been pronounced then there must be some enforcement, this stage gives you all the information about that, like who is responsible, what has to be done etc.

Reporting & Dashboard

Software tool uses reports and dashboard to deliver actionable reports to management across the organization. These reports are customizable and can be auto delivered to your email.

Proind’s Litigation Management tools help to bring all internal and external stakeholders on a single platform with time bound reporting for noncompliance of policies and make sure all resources are available 24×7.

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