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Proind enables simplification and automation of legal and compliance management processes which goes beyond legacy software to provide knowledge and actionable insight which are aligned with business strategies.

Proind has developed a state of art regulatory compliance management software suited to different industry needs. Our company’s latest regulatory compliance software enables the organizations to keep a track on controls that further make sure that the voluntary and statutory obligations are met.

The legal compliance software India allows companies to have a better understanding of statutes, regulations, policies and other obligations that are applicable to them at entity level or at operational site level. That further enables them to adjust to changes in applicable regulations, take corrective actions for compliance issues and eliminate risks of non-compliance.

Proind customizes the legal compliance management solution as per the requirements of the organization, depending on the nature of business, geographical locations, type of establishment and operations executed there etc.

The main idea behind the legal compliance management software is to provide a centralized platform for tracking regulatory and legal requirements and changes, organize compliance evidence/proof, effective management of compliance processes that also includes real-time monitoring of compliances.

With a capable inhouse legal team with experience of implementing it at more than 80+ customers, 300+ entities, 1200+ sites, Proind comes with a vast knowledge of the legal landscape of the country and abroad where in the customers can rely on our legal compliance software with weekly updates and at any point in time, the customers are up to date as per the legal requirements of their organization.

Our Regulatory Compliance Management Solution provides organizations an integrated approach to meet cross-industry regulations, as well as industry focused regulations and guidelines. The solution also enables a sustainable compliance program assisting in maintaining compliance management framework, including controls for certifications, calibration and testing, regulatory and statutory change management, internal policy management and regulatory engagement management.

Our service delivery ensures legal compliance management system and regulatory compliance management system work in an integrated way and comprise of checklist, monitoring and escalation mechanism, and supporting information that help an organization in complying with legal requirements. It also helps in minimizing harm to organization due to violations of law.

Proind’s Compliance Controller is Compliance Management System, or CMS for short, is a comprehensive compliance program. That comprises of compliance management solutions (also known as compliance management software or compliance management tool) and compliance review and update service, that help the company to adhere to regulations, failing to which it can see consequences like hefty fines or show cause notices that can hamper operations.

Our compliance management services including legal update service, play a vital role in centralizing, consolidating, automating and streamlining compliances processes and controls relevant to an organization’s operations and structure so that it meets legal and professional standards and regulations required in their industry.

The rising incidents of negligence, fraud, corruption, and bribery, as well as legal, compliance, and ethical violations have resulted in greater liabilities and penalties for organizations than ever before. Therefore, a strong corporate compliance management framework with robust compliance management system software is the need of the hour today, to ensure the smooth functioning of a business.

Proind provides services for establishing compliance management program in organizations’ that not just helps the company to comply with laws, rules, and regulations but also upholds its reputation.

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Our professionals possess unparalleled expertise. Drawn from years of experience, our Legal & IT experts provide strategic advice which is practical, creative & aligned with your business needs. With our expertise in the regulatory compliance domain, we are one of the leading Legal Compliance Software providers in India.

Our in-house legal team has experts in different domains and industry verticals and we have a well laid out teams which consists of Lawyers, Chartered Accountants (CA) and Company Secretaries (CS) to identify all the statutory and legal compliance requirements of the organization. In addition, we have a team of Information Technology (IT) experts who help in making the user experience better with support and knowledge.

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