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ProInd provides comprehensive legal services in India and the US. We offer services, which includes compliance review and audit, legal case analysis, contract management and legal research management. We believe in delivery of quality services to ensure that we become trusted business legal advisors for our clients and earn their respect on our way ahead

Compliance review and audit

ProInd provides compliance review and audit services to assess compliance with Indian Laws, Regulations and related rules as well as Federal, State and Local Laws. The scope can be extended to internal rules, policies, guidelines,
decisions and procedures. The focus is to provide a quality legal services management system to our clients. The review includes, but not limited to following:

  • Provide independent review on compliance with statutory & regulations requirements and current procedures and controls established for the same. The detailed discussion and inclusions of the client’s functional team ensure delivery of quality business legal services and value to our clients. Our team of experts uses methodologies and techniques based on best practices evolved over the years. Each requirement is prioritized and assessed on the basis of risk involved.
  • Proind’s business legal consultants segregate legal & statutory requirements on the basis of different functional areas of the company and plan audit accordingly.
  • The scope of review can also include departmental procedures to assess
    • -Effectiveness of current controls to meet statutory & regulatory requirements; and
    • -Identify areas of improvement
  • The detailed project schedule is drafted to complete the review in consultation with senior management to minimize disruption of the daily routine of functional teams.
  • The functional teams of clients are provided with a detailed checklist and documents required for review / audit.
  • The outcome of the review process is to present clients with findings, areas of improvements and recommendations to make the compliance management process effective.

Legal Case Analysis

Legal case analysis services include organizing judgements, facts, issues, documents (if necessary), testimony, evidence, and other information for the client’s cases in order to deliver to the legal team. Legal case analysis includes:

  • Reading and understanding of the case thoroughly
    • Identify the parties and their current status in reference with concerned caseWhether it’s a new case or appeal
    • Figure out the important facts for the case
    • Analyze facts for the court’s holding; and
  • Our legal team outlines the case’s procedural history and summaries the facts.
  • Team also isolates the relevant facts. In every case there is always a story of a dispute between two parties – but not all of the facts and circumstances surrounding this dispute will be important to the holding of the case. So, in order to analyze the case, it is important to determine which parts of the story are relevant to the issue and can be presented to the court that made the decision in the client’s favor.

Contract management

Proind provide contract management services as part of its legal services, our team provide end-to end life cycle management of Contracts supported by well-designed technology tools for the same. Our team assists our clients in all stages of contract management as listed below. The objective is to establish an effective contract management process which creates a transparent and powerful business relationship with stakeholders and pave the road to long-term relationships, but consistency in performance of the organization.

Proind has supported its clients in the Contract Management process relating to various vendors, customers, partners and employees. The support services are provided during contract creation, execution, analysis and renewal to maximize operational and financial performance at an organization. The major services delivered are contract review and contract abstraction.

Contract Review

Contract Review is one of the most critical parts of the Contract Management Process. On a daily basis an organization may receive or enter into various contracts that might have been received from an external source. Review of drafted terms and conditions in contract before signing is required, to identify risks for an organization. Our team helps our clients to identify the conditions, which might have adverse financial, operational or legal impact. Client is provided with alternate terms/conditions which are in interest of our clients and reduce or minimize their business risk.

Contract Abstraction

In the Contract abstraction process, brief summary of important points/terms of contract, like, dates, clauses, the scope of work and other important information are abstracted from a contract. It is a kind of legal coding where tagging of all-important terms, Metadata, etc. are done. It is useful in dealing with lengthy, voluminous and complex contractual documents since it provides a brief of a contract with all important points, such as the name of the parties, dates, termination, liability, renewal clause, etc. It’s a time-saving process which ensures legal compliance as well as helps in increasing internal productivity and is considered useful to companies in making informed decisions.

Proind Legal Services team involved in contract abstraction considers several things before initiating the process, such as identifying and acknowledging important terms, Metadata, etc. in a contract. There activities involved in contract abstraction include:

  • Analysis of contract
  • Contract Review
  • Listing the contractual rights and liabilities
  • Identifying the inconsistency or contradictory provisions of the contract
  • Updating the contract
  • Checking for the amendments in the contract
  • Creating a compliance list including schedules, renewals, and reporting progress work.

Legal Research Management

Proind’s legal team consists of associates who are trained in researching various legal and business issues and topics. A business new or old, may come across various issues that require expertise to list down the best process. We help our clients to provide them with best evaluation based on different legal studies and strategies. Information provided through our legal research services is ACCURATE. The accuracy of the information is substantiated by researching the relevant legislative and statutory sources, case law research and precedents and analyzing the information that is useful for the purpose.

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