In today’s time when multi entity management of records, governance, compliance and stakeholder information is very challenging for the organisations, need for effective entity management system becomes very important. Entity management process is very essential for the organisations to bring efficiency, transparency and effective control. It also helps in maintaining high level of integrity confidentiality of data with mitigating financial, operational, reputational and statutory risks relating to entity management activities.

While achieving entity compliance with ever-changing jurisdiction-specific regulatory and statutory requirements continues to grow in complexity, state-of-the-art technology-based tool is a primary facilitator in the development of enterprise-wide systems that help organizations address critical entity management functions in a structured and consistent manner.


With the help of “Proind’s Entity Management System” (PEMS) an organisation can effectively meet its entity governance requirements for diverse organisations. Proind’s Entity management software can dynamically transform the process for managing multiple-entities and help you identify essentials to look for when choosing the right solution for the job.

Proind’s legal entity management software provides a transparent framework for corporate secretaries and general counsels to manage legal entities formed using any structure: trust, company or firm and any category whether private or public and for-profit or not-for-profit.

Entity management solution provide full solution for Global Entity Management System governance and related information management, including entity regulatory information and records management, entity stakeholder management, entity compliance tracking, monitoring of insider trading and internal record-keeping. The corporate entity secretarial department can manage the inflow and outflow of information, reports and documents that track the entity level transactions, compliances and filings. Tool ensures secure subsidiary management process and effective stakeholder management. In addition to corporate team, other important stakeholders like managers, board directors, board committees, auditors and regulators entity requirements can also be managed.

Entity management system brings efficiency, transparency and effective control in the organisation in order to automate information technological based solution. The solution has components to management sub-processes relating to entity management activities.

  • Entity Information Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Relationship and Ownership
  • Insider Trading

Entity Information Management

Entity Management Software is capable of handling information pertaining to basic entity details; country & jurisdiction of registration; addresses (registered and operational); along with listing and capital details. It has inbuilt document management capability for preserving and managing critical documents. The solution supports organisations in maintaining full entity lifecycle through formations, mergers/acquisitions, listing/un-listing, dissolutions, and other corporate actions.

Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder management means maintaining information for people, mainly promoters, board members and key management personnel related to well organised and latest entity.

Proind Entity Management Solution’s Stakeholder management module helps in solving the problem with efficient and transparent tracking of information relating to key stakeholders and helps in effective stakeholder lifecycle management right from onboarding to separation, resulting in productivity improvement, cost reduction and risk mitigation.

Relationship and Ownership

Tracking all current and former shareholders for the business entity, corporate entity management software keeps track of the quantity, amount and duration of any equity owner, whether it is a corporation, limited liability company, individual or any other legal entity.

Insider Trading

PEMS provides full process functionality to support insider trading requirements. The insider trading module has capability to capture information relating to entity’s directors and key management personnel and their relatives, including De-mat and bank account details. One-Time and periodic disclosure information can be captured, e.g. Derivatives and Securities currently owned; Derivatives and Securities traded (purchased/sold) during the period. The reports can be configured to meet requirements of particular jurisdiction or regulator.

Integration with Proind’s Compliance Controller (PCC) Solution

Proind is leader in automation of compliance management process and specialises in compliance software that helps organisations to track control over their voluntary and statutory obligations. Our system assists managing calendar and event based statutory compliances, contractual compliances and compliances related to internal guidelines & controls.

ProInd’s Compliance and top entity management software provides a comprehensive framework for actively managing global corporate compliance. It also allows organisations to track their compliances diligently and enforce automated guidelines that alert internal stakeholders in case of non-adherence of any policies to take corrective action in a stipulated time. Our tool serves as legal document assembly software solution for maintaining repository of documents relating to entity, related stakeholders, professional service providers, insider trading and compliances.

Proind’s solution also keep records of special events, periodic changes and events regulated by law, including meetings, constitutional changes, and set-up of subsidiaries or branches.

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