Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Most companies go to great extents in order to protect and maintain their intellectual property (IP). These companies understand the value of their IP and work towards its development, sustainability and commercialization. Proind helps its clients to automate IP management processes through Proind’s Intellectual Property Right Management System. The system manages IPR filing preparation, filing and subsequently steps involved in the process. The IPR management system has capability to streamline processes relating to copyrights, trademark, patent & design etc.

ProInd provides its clients the best Intellectual property management software which assists in managing full lifecycle of trademarks, copyrights, patents, and other intellectual property. With the support of tools with which clients are able to manage databases of trademarks, automate forms and correspondence for new and on-going intellectual property ownership, and track possible violations of legal rights for subsequent prosecution.

Our company’s intellectual property management software also helps centralize up-to-date client information, license agreements, and objections tracking in a single repository.

ProInd provides clients to establish a transparent intellectual property risk management process in order to protect intellectual property assets of the organisation.

IPR Registration Process

The system has in-built IPR process flow which can be configured to suit requirements of the clients in any jurisdiction or country:

1. Preparation of Application: The foremost step for the IPR process is to fill out the IPR application form. The system has capability to capture basic information; related documents; stakeholders signing the application applicant’s / the agent’s etc.); and tracking & capturing statements of stakeholders involved. Review and approval application before filling can also be configured in the tool.

2. Filing of Application: Once application is ready, it needs to be filled in by the respective Patent Registration Office and thus a Patent Application number is given for your IP. The filling evidence and other metadata – filling date, filling office etc., can be captured in the system.

3. Tracking of Application: The respective application is published in the office journal/website; and subsequently reviewed by the authorised personnel in the controlling body. The information for the same can also be captured

4. Objections and Closure: In this the IPR application is examined by the controlling body and in case required, objections / observations related to the same are sent. The system has capability to capture objections found in examination reports.

Intellectual Property Right Management System helps in assignment of the objection to internal team members with deadlines. Reply along with document proof can be captured in the system. In case an organization wants to close an IPR application without getting registration, it can do so in the system at any point of time with proper authorization.

5. Grant of IPR: In case, IPR is granted to the applicant by the Controller the system has capability to capture important information relating to date og getting IPR, expiry date of IPR and documentary proof of getting IPR.

The system also has functionality to send reminders for expiry / renewal as per configuration / cycle time involved.

Proind has customized IPR module to needs to its customers, where IPR usage by external partners and commercial invoicing for the same is also generated through the system

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