Streamline Contract, Notice, Litigation & IPR Management processes & associated documentation for your entire organization, in a single solution

Proind Legal Process Management (LPMS) system is enterprise legal management (ELM) software available on both cloud & on premise. Legal Case Management Software is easy-to-use and can be easily extended to all the stakeholders of legal team both in-house and to the law firms and is one of the best Legal Management Software in the industry

Litigation management software manages the Litigation cases for different jurisdiction cases. It also stores complete case details like Case Description, Court, Title, Opposition party & attorney, related documents etc.

Legal Practice Management Software delivers a single platform focused on supporting legal department through better documentation, expense management, information availability & team collaboration across organisation. Legal Process Management Software provides legal team arms & ammunition to achieve better staffing, budgeting, strategy, monitoring & evaluation. With LPMS organisation can automate:

  • Litigation Management
  • Legal Notice Management
  • Contract Management
  • Intellectual Property Right Management

We offer the best in class legal case management software that manages documents, calendar and dates, and pre-event and post-event alert mechanisms. It has inbuilt workflow features and helps in managing case proceedings, time, expense and invoice management process resulting in quick and hassle-free operations.

Our legal compliance software streamlines processes to ensure all categories of litigations, civil, criminal, indirect / direct taxation and/or consumer related matters are monitored centrally to keep a track of risk pertaining to the organization. The software ensures transparency and information uniformity for the Legal team, business process owners and Management.

Proind contract management system is a proactive, web-based, enterprise-wide solution which can effectively manage the contract life cycle and track obligations. The contract management software tool is equipped with multi-layered security and you can control user rights without need of an IT person. These features are provided on a secure, form-based platform that can easily be extended to all stakeholders and it ensures only the named custodian can respond.

Some of the features that are part of the Proind Contract Management system include:

  • Standardised contract processes—helps create contracts faster and eliminate the risk by putting organization standards and policies at every stage.
  • Streamlined process— helps automate the exchange of mandatory information to the right people, at the right time, and in the right format.
  • Accountability and transparency — software keeps record of every contracting action taken, makes it easy to track result results from expenditure to workload.
  • Enterprise-wide Centralized repository— software creates a central library of all the contract and associated documents with 24/7 access to data, files and documents. Reporting & Dashboard—Software tool uses reports and dashboard to deliver actionable reports to management across the organization. These reports are customizable and can be auto delivered to your email.
  • Vendor Contracts can also be managed by this tool.

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