Fortune 500 Company Streamlines Processes to Eliminate Lapses

  wpadmin   May 18, 2020

Fortune 500 Company Streamlines Processes to Eliminate Lapses

Juggling multiple projects across various arenas is a monumental task. When they are geographically spread out, the chore is rendered even more arduous. Each region has unique laws and statutes for each vertical, and ensuring compliance in multiple focus areas and locations is extremely challenging. This is a drain on time and resources, encumbers skilled personnel with constantly following up on the 3 Rs (reminder, review and rechecking), and may result in fines and other punitive measures when any of these is overlooked.

A multinational Fortune 500 company operating mainly in robotics, power, heavy electrical equipment and automation technology areas faced precisely this challenge. With a worldwide presence in 100 countries boasting an employee strength of 140,000, they found the complexities of doing business in India absolutely confounding. Further complicating matters were the regional differences created by a countrywide presence in over 26 Indian states, across 17 Manufacturing locations, 200 offices, and 350 project sites. Tracking compliances became a mammoth task. “Retrieving anything was a huge challenge!”, states an exasperated member of senior management, on the condition of anonymity.

Meeting Challenges Head-on

To solve this, they engaged the services of Proind, a web-based, enterprise-wide solutions provider which helps companies understand, manage, track and control all compliance-centric activities across the organization. Said an employee of Proind, “The biggest challenge we faced was the humongous volume of data. To map all the legal requirements for different depots and projects along with coordinating with far too many people responsible for managing the compliances was getting very difficult for them, which is why our first priority was streamlining the process.”

Proind immediately swung into action with their extremely versatile compliance controller solution which competently tracks statutory & regulatory requirements, sanctions, approvals, consents and renewals across all verticals and geographies. Given the mammoth size of the organization, they needed a comprehensive repository of laws and statutes at one place. Their greatest challenge lay in controlling compliance status at remote locations such as manufacturing plants, projects etc. The use of manual processes and a wide variance in systems for managing compliances in each vertical and location posed a further challenge. For instance, tracking compliances relating to contractors was done manually. Further, there was no mechanism to capture event-dependent compliances.

Proactively Proind

Organization-wide compliance framework

The framework the consultants helped establish was based on the Proind Compliance Controller Platform. This included a comprehensive Compliance Review Exercise for all establishments including manufacturing plants & project sites, which resulted in establishing an integrated compliance framework for the entire organization.

Compliance Repository

A customized Compliance Repository was created and mapped as per the type of establishment and the tasks undertaken there.

Training, help desk, updates

To ease the challenges of adopting a new solution, Proind undertook the virtual training of resources across India to ensure that the day-to-day operators involved were fluent in the systems and processes involved. they further established a help desk to help ease the go-live process, and have established legal update processes to ensure the longevity of the solution.

All these proactive steps have institutionalized the compliance management processes and improved transparency dramatically.

Value Delivered

Proind Compliance Controller Platform

The use of the Proind Compliance Controller Platform ensured real-time visibility with respect to compliances. The complete compliance management process was comprehensively mapped and resources were suitably aligned.

Redundancies minimized

Further, they realized that the responsibility for several companies, such as environmental compliance, lay with the project site owners. As contractors it was not within their purview, and these redundancies and doubled-effort tasks were eliminated.

Centralized Monitoring

A central compliance team can now monitor and control compliances across all verticals, offices and projects, resulting in palpable savings of time and effort. .


Top management can now delve into the last reports for each location, ensuring that decision-makers have this vital information available on-demand.

Elimination of penalties and reduced risk

The implemented solution ensures a foolproof mechanism to track sanctions, approvals and renewals across all verticals and geographic spread. This has resulted in the elimination of fines and penalties and a far reduced risk at project sites, including compliance pertaining to contractors.


A source within the client’s management team expressed his satisfaction succinctly when he stated, “Proind made it easy to track these compliances all around the country. Now we don’t have to sift through too much data to actually arrive at the useful and applicable parts. A centralized team now tracks these so it frees up resources at our sites and locations to better perform at their main work.”


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