Pro-comply is a cloud based affordable compliance management solution specifically developed after extensive research and analysis about the major compliance issues faced by any micro or small enterprises.

Pro-Comply gives you a consolidated view of all the compliances applicable to your organization and is always updated.

With Pro-Comply, your organization can:

  • Have a complete knowledge over the compliances and the laws applicable
  • Alerts for upcoming compliances
  • Dashboard to give you real time status of the compliances
  • Best in class compliance software with Legal updates as per the requirements of the organization


  • Zero Capex, Plug and Play model
  • Repository of Laws which covers Central, state and local laws
  • Industry verticals legal and statutory requirements
  • Information on Forms, Formats and Registers to be maintained
  • Developed by highly experienced Legal Team
  • Legal Updates- All new amendments and change in the laws are tracked


  • Starting the compliance process is very easy with no sunk costs
  • Centralized compliance repository and real time view of the compliances and amendments
  • Reduces fines and penalties and reputation risk from non compliance

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