Create a Performance Culture With Optimized Employee Performance Management

Performance Management System
Proind Performance Management System

In a fiercely competitive environment, organizations are able to perform better and enhance value through aligning employee performance with organizational objectives. Research has established that performance is dependent on organizational efforts in enhancing employee commitment and competency levels, as well as fostering a culture of performance.

Proind Performance Management System (PMS) is an integrated application to improve organizational performances by setting goals for the employees and then linking those goals with the company/organizational goals. The software is highly customizable and easy to use. There are state of the art dashboards for the higher management to analyse the Organization wide performance every period defined by the administrator vis-à-vis the targets set during the beginning of the year. The software facilitates assessment of employee on basis of Goals & Managerial Competencies. The software also has an option of diary notes to mention any achievements of mistakes committed by the employee which has impact on company/organization performance. It has also has features to capture Employees’ training needs. The software has inbuilt process flow and alert mechanism. The system leads to transparency and sense of ownership to employees. This leads to employee satisfaction and increased ownership in the Organization; whereas the senior management keeps track of the Organization performance and takes corrective actions on time.

  • Web Based – User Friendly and easy to use application
  • Single Platform – Multi-Company / Multi-Locations/ Multi-departments tracking of performance
  • Reporting – Dashboards helps understanding the positive and negative performance at the glance
  • Diary Notes – Helps in the final review as all the positive and negative review is stored in the system
  • Training Needs Identification – Captures training & development needs of the employees
  • Change Control & Work Flow – Tracking changes; and In-built work flow & Alerts
  • User Friendly – Masters can be defined by the administrator
1)Pre-defined Goals & Assessment System
  • Define strategic and operational goals of the organization
  • Uses a pre-defined rating system which is communicated to user in advance.
  • Helps in providing continuous inputs into development of people in a systematic way and implementation of individual reward system.
2)Goals Tracking
  • Effective delivery of strategic and operational; and Link individual goals with Organization’s Goal with quantitative / measurable target
  • Employee performance has direct relation with Organization Achievements.
3)Transparent Assessment & Feedback
  • A manager can give feedback and discuss & mentor adjust performance
  • Helps identifying gap between goal and Actual performance
  • Input for identifying areas of improvement for individual
4)Compatible with Microsoft Office
  • Direct interacts with Outlook, Excel etc.
5)Process Control & ownership with HR
  • Centrally open & close periods for goal setting & assessment
  • More time spent in doing value added work rather than follow-ups and reminders
  • Senior Management can feels in control and has full visibility
7)Controlled Legal Exposure
  • Not all documents are accessible to everyone
  • Automating the system saves lot of man-hours for follow up
8)Compatible with Microsoft Office
  • Directly interacts with Outlook, Excel etc
9)Increased Productivity and confidence
  • More time spent in doing value added work rather than follow-ups and reminders
  • Senior Management has full visibility
Client - The World Bank
Client - The Institute of Company Secretaries of India
Client - LIC HFL
Client - Shapoorji Pallonji
Client - Lanco
Client - Tower Vision
Client - Tata Housing
Client - AMP Terminals
Client - ABB
Client - Bajaj
Client - Fenner (India) Limited
Client - Somic ZF Components Pvt. Ltd.
Client - Prical
Client - Shriram Pistons & Rings LTD
Client - Brakes India Private Limited
Client - Mcleod Russel
Client - Kelloggs
Client- Redington
Client - Kancor
Client - Perfetti
Client - Goodricke
Client - ITC Limited
Client - Amway
Client - Omni Active
Client - Havells
Client - Continental Carbon
Client - Pollycab
Client - Triveni
Client - Orientbell
Client - Forbes
Client - Himatsingka
Client - CIBIL
Client - Medusind
Client - Dassault Systemes
Client - AZB & Partners
Client - Inventia
Client - Gruh Finance Limited